Friday, November 25, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

Let the holiday season begin!

Unleash the dogs of shopping! Cats, too!

It's my favorite time of the year. The cool weather, adjusted by Global Warming, and the warm feelings, adjusted by the cool economy, serve only to boost my spirits.

I can't wait to update my holiday music playlist and get the tunes cranking on the cronk, or whatever.

The UPS man already has his personal parking place outside my house. He'll be stopping there regularly as my online shopping frenzy burns up the InterTubes. I'll probably get ANOTHER "Well Done" certificate from Al Gore, bless his heart! I gave him credit for inventing the InterTube many years ago and he's been so gracious ever since. (Fortunately, truth be told, I'm glad not to have to deal with Tipper's cookies. Nuff said.)

Soon the house will be decorated, we'll set up the annual fire hazard tree and Kink the Cat will lose his favorite sleeping spot on the mantlepiece to the stuffed reindeer and Snoopy Santa. However, Kink will content himself by knocking off the tree as many ornaments as he can.

Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men. If we only do it once a year it's worth it. Me, I'll stretch it out as far as I can.

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