Monday, November 16, 2009

Doodle Jump

I have a new addiction! We all need those.

This one is a game that you can play on your iPhone or iPod Touch called Doodle Jump.

The object is to get your little doodle guy to jump from one platform to the next earning points as you go. The more platforms you jump the higher your score. To help you along the way are springs that boing you past several platforms, a propeller cap a rocket pack that fly you to great heights. Of course, to make it challenging you have to grab the cap and pack while jumping. The platforms are not in a straight line so you have to constantly move the iPhone back and forth to "steer" the doodle guy left and right. Also, he can only jump so high so you have to guestimate which platform he can reach in a jump. Miscalculate and you've got an ongoing plummeting to one's demise situation followed by starting over from scratch.

To impede your progress there are a series of challenges: moving platforms, platforms that break under your weight, platforms that pop when you land on them and others that pop if you don't land on them soon enough. There are elevator platforms that move up and down, and very tricky platforms that you have to move into position with your finger while keeping the doodle guy from missing and plummeting to his demise and the end of your high score aspiration.

There are also hazards like a variety of monsters that you can land on for a boost, but if you hit them on the way up your doodle is knocked cuckoo and plummets to his demise. There are also black holes and an alien spaceship to make you disappear, presumably the same as plummeting to your demise.

As with any great addiction my main problem is finding enough time to tend to it. Typically I'm engrossed in a game concentrating on the moving platforms, avoiding the aliens, when Kink decides to conduct a Gravity Experiment.

What to do? Dodge the alien or sweep up the debris in the kitchen? You're right, the experiment is over and the debris can wait.

What I can't wait to do is play again! Must. Doodle Jump.

To make time I've started going to appointments early. Like way early.

"Excuse me, sir, but your appointment isn't until tomorrow."

"No prob. I can wait." Boing, boing, boing ...

Did I mention that Doodle Jump goes "boing, boing, boing?" Oh, yeah, and pop, pop, and sproing, and whoosh, and thuppa-thuppa, and gronga-gronga-gronga, and, of course, the ever disheartening plummeting to one's demise sound, a long Doppler-shifted whistle into the abyss.

After much consideration and experimentation, I found a great way to extend my game play. By mounting my iPhone on the steering wheel of my truck I can "steer" the doodle guy while driving. Perhaps that would be better written steer the doodle guy while "driving."

I can't take full credit for my invention, though. Judging from what I see on the road lots of people are playing Doodle Jump.

Hey, gtg, doodle guy's calling me.



Tom said...

Oh great, addicted just like Sarah!

Helena said...

I still haven't forgiven you for introducing me to that game. My children are neglected as a result.

Zoe the Cat said...

WooHoo!! High score 44,522. Go DOoDLe JUmP!