Monday, November 23, 2009

Evil Weevil Redeaux

Weevils. Paprika. Again.

Yes, again. Weevils ait my paprika!

I didn't even notice as I dumped them into my stew. No weevil screams. No weevil shouts of, "Weevil overboard!" Just shake, shake, shake, stir, stir, stir.

Only later when I removed the lid and stirred the sauce did I notice "foreign bodies." Dead foreign bodies. Floating.

I fished their little corpses out one by one, rather than starting over with dinner. According to the Food and Drug Administration weevils are "mostly" protein with some "crunchy bits." (Unless, of course, they've spent an hour in a stew hot tub.) I gave the sauce an extra good stir and ran some draglines along the bottom. No more weevils surfaced.

Note to self: buy sieve.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover the Weevil Holiday Resort in Paparika until I had dumped a sightseeing busload into my stew.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover the little freeloaders until they were free-styling in my sauce.

Fortunately, my family won't read this until tomorrow.


Helena said...

Wait, you have hot paprika? You need to be whipping up a proper Hungarian goulash.

Jodie said...

Use a measuring spoon or something instead of dumping straight into the pot. Or your hand...