Sunday, November 01, 2009

Paying the Piper

Or in this case the plumber.

It all started with a damp patch in the front yard which led to a call to the Lawn Sprinkler guys who said: Not our problem.

Then it was a call to the plumber who said, "Youse gots a bad problem." The solution to the problem involved, in part, tearing a giant hole in the closet of a person who wasn't too terribly happy about the giant hole.

Once the plumber finished, the hole remained. It had to be fixed by the House guy. So, I called the House guy to fix the hole in the sheetrock.

Hilarity ensued.

Yeah, said House guy, we can fix that hole for about $300. Deal, I said. I should have stopped there, but noooooooo.

Hey, House guy, while you're here do you think you could do something about our gutters that seemed to have settled into the wrong angle, that is, they dangle and the rain puddles in a triangle, the plants below they do mangle.

House guy said, Fo Shizzle!

And, while you're at it, House guy, how about that trim that's starting to wear, and our hardwood floors need refinishing and I could sure use some carpentry magic on this cabinet so I could buy a HD TV and what about this and what about that.

House guy was very accommodating. Very accommodating, indeed! Nothing was impossible, it just took time and money.

The moral of the story is that I could have done this stuff a little at a time over several years, but as a professional procrastinator I'd lose my certification! Not worth it. Better to do it all at once. Oh, and let's throw in a new washer and dryer, especially if it has a computer in it. Oh, and how about the lights in the garage that haven't worked in 10 years.

House guy said, Fo $hizzle!

Did I mention new toilets? How could I be so remiss??

Ain't they purty?


Unknown said...

No rust or mineral stains. Doesn't look natural.

Anonymous said...

Purty fo shizzle