Friday, November 10, 2006

The Congressman Has Landed

"Sugar Land Airport, this is Charlie 12. Over."

"Charlie Oner-Twoer. Copy that. You are clear to land. Over."

"Roger, Sugar Land. Charlie 12 Over."

"Charlie 12, Sugar Land Airport. Ground security informs us that the Congressman will be transported in a US Mail Truck to destination. Over."

"Copy that. US Mail Truck. Over."

"Charlie 12, one more thing. The Congressman will be traveling incognito wearing a red balaclava. Over."

"Copy that, Sugar Land. Red baklava. Initiating radio silence. Over."

...much later...

Ladies, Gentlemen and Distinguished Guests. It is my pleasure to introduce Chuckles, the former Congressman. Doesn't he look fetching in that red balaclava?

No! Stop! I didn't mean to say "fetch." Hey, bring back that tennis ball, Congressman! Congressman? Here, Congressman!

Order your 2007 Chuckles, the Former Congressman calendar!


knighton said...

Perhaps you mean balaclava? Of course The Former Congressman wouldn't object to wearing baklava, either.

Bill said...

Ah, so. Yes, the Congressman would be delighted to wear a dessert. It's not as funny now!

knighton said...

It's still funny. ;-)

Anonymous said...

yep. gonna need one of those for my office.

and my sanity.