Friday, November 24, 2006

Pumpkin Pie!

It's what's for breakfast.

Later that day...

Two minutes to go in the game and...interception!

It's a bad day in Austin, sunny skies and all.

Longhorns 7, Texas A&M 12

(I wrote too soon! Twelve seconds remaining and a second interception by the Aggies. Oh, the humanity!)

It's going to take a couple of margarita martinis at Trudy's to numb the pain.


Anonymous said... too! Topped with a bit of whipping cream (not whipped, just whipping) and a glass of frosty milk on the side.

meg said...

And chess pie! And rhubarb compote!

And the largest collection of dirty kitchen gear in the history of humankind... no exclamation point for that.

Things I learned yesterday: Cooking a goose is twice as messy as cooking a turkey.

Bill said...

Pumpkin pie goes surprisingly well with coffee.

A Dutch Oven is great for cooking a goose. The fat does not char and the bird roasts nicely!

Martha Washington published a great goose recipe. Here it is: Put goose in a hot oven and roast until done.

Simple is good.

meg said...

This goose would not have fit in any dutch oven I own. But the next time I cook a duck, I'll give it the dutch oven treatment -- that's a good idea.