Thursday, November 30, 2006

Enough, Already!

OK. That's it. The temperature outside just dipped below 40 degrees.

And before all your hearty northerners sneer about the thin-blooded Houstonians allow me to point out that it is currently 30 degrees at McMurdo Station, Antarctica!

Yes, it's only 9 degrees warmer in Houston than Antarctica!

That's it. I've had it with all this winter stuff!

I want my 72 degrees back.

I declare Winter over, so get with it, weather, and warm up.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Bill, but....go put on a freakin' sweater and some nice warm socks maybe you'll feel better

signed, Minnesota where it's in the 20s and we accept that it's going to get much, much worse before it's going to get better. ;-)

Zoe the Cat said...

I wish it was 39 in Kansas! We are sitting in the teens right now, and there is ice everywhere!! I think they invented coats a few years ago. You shoulc try one, it makes you warmer. Good thing I have my fur coat to wear.

Anonymous said...

And here I am bitching and moaning about how bloody hot it's been working outside here this last week in McMurdo Station, Antarctica. I'm sweating and stinking of sweat, not diesel.

+20F is TOO hot, anything over 10F is too hot for me now. I want it to remain about -15 to +10. Then the gear and the weather and the work combine perfectly for me. =)

Ted said...

Just got back from the second winter boy scout campout of the season. Up here, the kids get a special patch if they spend 100 degrees below freezing out camping in a single winter. Two weeks ago we got thirty degrees of frost in two nights. This weekend we got 61 degrees of frost in two nights. Do you have any idea how cold that is? End of January we head up into the mountains for a weekend jamboree/competitions. Did you know that the F and the C scales meet at -40? The kids are all dying to see the mercury meet that point.