Monday, November 06, 2006

Rainy Dayzzz

Today started off with a line of thunderstorms moving through about 6am. A thunderclap directly over your house at 6am will get you going!

That would be a cool alarm clock to have.

Binford 3000 Thunderclap Alarm Clock

Hook it up to surround sound speakers and crank it up to Severe Storm. Yeah, I wouldn't sleep a wink just waiting for the thing to go off. Wake up and jump-start for the old heart in the same device.

The storms rattled around for hours then finally it got calm, but grey, in the early afternoon.

So, I was sitting on The Couch with greyness outside and intermittant dripping noises going on and I thought, you know, I could just stretch out here on the couch and "rest my eyes" for a few minutes, or I could have a cup of coffee and write a blog.

I took a vote and "rest my eyes" defeated "write a blog" by a narrow margin, but, hey, it's mid-term election time and majority rules.

Not going to sleep, though. Wouldn't be prudent. Just going to rest my eyez. Just close the eyezz for a moment.

Happy eyezzzz.


1 comment:

Zoe the Cat said...

Awwww...sleep. What a nice thing to be able to do. Just have to stay awake for 5 more weeks. Then sleep.