Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Year for Chestnuts

Chestnuts are in good form this year. In previous years they have had paper thin shells and about half of them have been mouldy. This year, however, they are fantastic and we will make hay, er, roast chestnuts, while the sun shines.

Here's th blueprint.

First, score the chestnuts with an X. Otherwise the chestnuts may explode from expanding steam as they are roasted. (Yes, that is a specialized Chestnut Marking Knife made in Italy.)

Second, bake or broil the chestnuts for 20 or so minutes.

Third, let them cool a while.

Finally, peel and eat or crumble in a salad or mix with vegetables. Enjoy whatever!


Professor Salt said...

You must take love chestnuts to own a specialized chestnut knife. Or is that a tiny carpet knife for tiny carpets?

Andrew Purvis said...

A quick note: People should make sure they have the proper chestnuts. Picking them up from nearby could be dangerous, as horse chestnuts (conkers, to British school children with string and too much time on their hands) are poisonous.