Friday, November 17, 2006

Wireless World

How did I survive without cell phones?

I hear that question a lot, evesdropping on conversations in airports and hotel lobbies. I think the answer is that we did survive without cell phones as we are here to ask that question. Yes, for millions of years we were late to appointments, snarled up in traffic and wondering where the heck the kids were.

In a few short years we have become intricately connected and totally dependent on our wireless domain. Watch people in a hotel lobby and nearly every person has a cell phone; yakking away. Who needs that much talk?

As for me, this morning I was forced to sit on the patio and stare at the distant mountain range when I could have been on Google Earth examining the mountain from all angles in 3-D. Oh, yeah, I'm looking at the mountain in 3-D but only from one side. What's the fun in that?

Here in the fancy-dancy resort hotel, boasting wireless Internet Access, the wireless access is strong but the Internet part is spotty at best. Good signal, no Internet service provider. So there I was last night wandering around the parking lot with my laptop open looking for a hot spot. Like Diogenes looking for an honest connection.

Finally, on the sidewalk just outside the "business center" the screen snapped to Google! I'm in! Quickly I dashed off a two line blog entry and hit "publish."

Come on! Come on! Go, go, go!

I have truly gone insane. But, I'm trying to keep with the program of posting every day in November. With a few traveling days planned between now and December 1st, it's going to be touch and go, hopping between one access point and another.

What a world!

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