Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not even December…

…and Christmas is already blown.

Blown up, that is. Inflated. Infiltrated, I’d say.

In our neighborhood there’s a rule for everything. Your grass has to be a certain color. You can only have certain plants in your yard. Your trees have to be so high and so wide and so green. Your car tires have to be inflated properly.

Apparently, you can own a barky dog, but that’s another issue.

And, apparently, you can inflate giant, tacky, illuminated Christmas decorations!

Where did these come from?

Penguins and snowmen and elves, oh my!

(Pictures to follow.)


Anonymous said...

And ginormous inflatable snow globes that freak me right the hell out.

Anonymous said...

they get these abominations from wally world, of course. where else?

Maxly said...

I think we must be neighbors...the grass, the globes, the barky dogs.

Maybe it is a Texas thang...