Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Season!

Welcome Everybody to the Third Annual Twelve Two Two Fondue!

And Welcome to the Third Annual Fondue Party to be held on

December 22, 2006

Twelve Two Two Fondue!

Join in the celebration by hosting a fondue party at your home and posting pictures to Twelve Two Two Fondue!

There aren't enough exclamation points to express the joy and fellowship of readers from around the World joining in to celebrate the Holiday Season, in your own way, for all of us to enjoy!

Twelve Two Two is a celebration of the family, who we are and who we love. The annual fondue celebration is an opportunity for all of us to pull on those drawstrings that bind us and pull us closer together.

Celebrate with your family and friends on December 22 and, if you like, share your experience with the rest of the World!

Or, savour the privacy as is your tradition.

This family will be on the road but carrying a fondue pot, cheese and looking for an Internet connection.

Google me a Starbucks!

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