Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Fired Up

It's 41 degrees outside and I've got the fire on.

The.  Fire.  On.


I know, it's ridiculous.  I should be outside in a t-shirt in weather like this!  Forty-one isn't cold.  Although, that said, it's only 13 degrees cooler in Antarctica right now.

No, wait, wait, I've got that backwards!

It's only 13 degrees WARMER here than at the South Pole!

No wonder I have the fire on.  I made the right decision after all.

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Anonymous said...


All these years of reading my blog and clearly I haven't yet explained terminology properly. I apologize for that.

When you say "South Pole" you are referring to the actual bottom of the planet, where Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is (90 degrees SOUTH), where I have spent so much time. At South Pole, we measure temps in negatives. So right now at South Pole proper it is -27F. Which blows my mind a bit since that is AWFULLY WARM for this time of year. So warm I suspect it must be wrong.

Now ANTARCTICA is the name of the continent. As a large continent it has a huge variety of cold. Ranging from Pole's current -27F to Palmer Station (on the peninsula) at 64.7742° S, 64.0531° W where I am NOW and it is MAYBE +26F.

So if you are comparing yourself in TX to ANTARCTICA and you say it's 41F there and ANTARCTICA is only 17 degrees warmer, then you must be talking about where I am now at Palmer Station. Not South Pole, which is way way souther, and way way colder.

With much pedantic affection,
Your southernmost friend,