Sunday, November 18, 2012

Twiinkie RIP

It's probably a bit early to dig a grave for the venerable Twinkie, although Twinkie certainly did its best to dig a grave for us!  I think the Twinkie will live on and possibly, with a little effort, work its way back into polite society, so to speak.

Looking back, the Twinkie was my second favorite of the Hostess "big three."  Hostess Cup Cakes were my favorite:  chocolate frosted devil's food with a cream center.  Second were Twinkies:  sponge cake fingers with a cream center.  And in last place were Snowballs:  coconut marshmallow covered devil's food cake  with a cream center.

( Hostess certainly had the "cream center" down pat! )

I put Cup Cakes at the head of the line simply for greed.  I thought you got more for your money with Cup Cakes than with Twinkies and Snowballs came in last because of the coconut - Duh!  With Cup Cakes you got the cake and the cream center, plus a chocolate frosted toping.  The little white curl on top was of no account whatsoever and didn't figure into the equation.  Simply not an issue.

As far as a quick snack went a pair of Twinkies wasn't a bad option.  At least you knew what you were getting and I can say one thing for sure about Twinkies:

I never had a stale Twinkie.

It may not be possible to stale-ify a Twinkie.  Surly there has been some research on the subject.  It's mind boggling to think that a billion years from now cockroaches could be dining on fresh Twinkies.

So, maybe Twinkies aren't RIP after all.  It could be we're on the verge of a ...

Zombie Twinkpocalypse!

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