Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Hawt Enough

Are we cool for last night's ribs reheated for dinner?

Ohhhh, yes!

OK, I'm going to do them in the oven because the microwave makes them soggy and I want them bubbly.

Ohhhhh, yes!

Clinking and clanking in the kitchen I made a salad, got out some other stuff and waited for the ribs to come up to temperature.  Not wanting to overcook them or burn the sauce or otherwise damage the goods I turned down the oven from 350 to about 250, enough to heat without burning.

Yo, dinner is served!  Potato salad, check.  Green salad, check.  Drinks, check.  Other stuff, check.  OK, let's eat.

(Unwrapping the ribs)

I don't see any steam, she said.

Well, there shouldn't be any steam if we're just heating them up.

They're cold.

No, they're warm.

They're cold.

No, they're luke warm.

They're cold.

No they're cool.  And, I might add, they're getting cooler the more we discuss this.

(as it turns out that was the wrong thing to say and the ribs are back in the oven and dinner is on hold.)

Uh, while the ribs are heating up I'll just go upstairs and pay the bills and maybe write a blog and maybe do a video or something.

Much later ...

Owwwww, I burned my mouth on this rib!!!

Slowly I turned ...

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