Friday, November 09, 2012

Meat November

I thought it was cool outside today until I realized it was the air conditioning in my car blowing on my sweaty face.  Not quite cool enough, but getting there.

November is Meat Month meaning it's time to get things ready to smoke.  I'm talking about salmons, ribs, briskets and especially my favorite Andouille sausage!

Yes, the Andouille sausage factory is gearing up for another year of great sausage and this year I plan to make a double triple quadruple humongous batch of delicious spicy smoked sausage.

The blueprint is the same: Boston butt cut of pork, spices and seasonings, grinding and stuffing and finally gentle smoking.

Last year the product turned out great and I'm not sure I used it all up and will have to check the freezer section before I go hog wild.  Get it, hog wild?

Never mind.

I do recall that last year I didn't add enough cayenne pepper which I will remedy this year.  And salt.  Mo' salt.  Mo' salt and mo' heat!  That's the ticket.  And for you die hards out there, it's not supposed to be GOOD for you, just good on the tongue and look out stomach here it comes!

Just in time my World Sausage Catalog arrived today with all sorts of good stuff on sale but I think I'll just go with a new batch of casing since I had a wardrobe malfunction last year that was too embarrassing to talk about.  I mean, when your casing goes ... never mind.
Pictures and recipes to follow.

Meanwhile, I'll be warming up the smoker tomorrow with a rack or two of baby back pork ribs which means I'll have to blog early tomorrow or risk being all arrgle bargle after those ribs are done.

We'll see.

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