Friday, November 02, 2012

Not the Cat

I went up to the Apple store to check out the new iPad mini.  I've already got an iPad, several in fact, but I wanted to see the ONE thing Apple was making that I had no interest in what so ever.

What.  So.  Ever.

Not big enough to be an iPad, too big to be an iPod Touch or iPhone and, well,  just weird.

The store was crowded but I made my way to the iPad mini table and




Oh, my.  The white iPad mini with its polished edge was just too beautiful to resist.  I picked it up and cradled it to my chest and wept.  Oh, my, lovely, please, please come home with me.

And she did.

There is a point where function and art merge and this is it.

Well done.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, shiny new Apple products: resistance is futile.