Monday, November 19, 2012

Curried Flavor

I've written about Manjula before.

Manjula is an Indian lady living in San Diego who has a YouTube channel where she demonstrates Indian cooking.  Outstanding but simple recipes.

My curry cooking elevated many levels just from watching Manjula cook.

Tonight was no exception.

Uninspired and expecting cold, hungry people I inventoried my ingredients and found the basic three:  fresh tomatoes, jalapeño and ginger.  To this I added an egg plant, can of chick peas and a bag of lentils.

Manjula's basic recipe is simple:  buzz up the tomatoes, ginger and jalapeño and sauté the mixture in a little oil, then add in curry spices and garam masala, cover and cook.

That's it.

It's sort of like a Texas chili which has the same ingredients along with a ton of cow and left to settle for about two hours, although Manjula's currys only need 30 minutes or so.

Anyway, the hordes arrived to great smells in the kitchen and exclamations that I must have spent the entire day cooking.

My secret.

And yours.

Manjula's Kitchen on YouTube.  Go there and be enlightened.

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