Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Deja Muse

I'm sitting here trying to think of something to write about and the Muse has gone AWOL.

Vamoosed, probably with the Weather Vulture.  Figures.

So, I said to myself, I said, "Self, what did you write about last year about this time?"

And the answer wasn't pretty:  Nothing.  I ran down the list of usual subjects and drew a blank.  Basically it was a dull day.

November 7th cancelled due to lack of interest.

1.  Cats - slept all day.  Normal yowling at dinnertime.

2.  Drivers - mostly well-behaved.  Oh, pulling out on to the normally very busy road it was completely clear as far as the eye could see in both directions.  Amazing!  I haven't seen the road that empty since I didn't get the memo about the hurricane evacuation a few years ago.  I did a jackrabbit start anyway just to keep in practice.

3.  Shopping - didn't go shopping.

4.  Cooking - leftover curried vegetables and I whipped up a quick chicken red curry to pad out the meal.  That used up all the food so I'll have to go shopping tomorrow and, hopefully, have an adventure, but not an exciting or "interesting" adventure, I hope.

5.  Weather - beautiful Fall day with clear skies and a chance of acorns.

6.  Health - the athlete's foot I reported last year is coming along nicely.  It should be up to my knees by Christmas 2014.

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That was Kink trying to help out.  Thanks, buddy!  I'd better post this before he hits Delete and I'd have to start over.  That would be a tragedy of epic proportions at this stage!

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