Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Auto This

Everybody has an autocorrect story.

You know autocorrect.  It's that helpful feature when text messaging that tries to figure out what you're trying to type as you navigate at 75 miles per hour in heavy traffic dodging objects on the road and other drivers.  Hit the space bar and autocorrect helpfully inserts the word it prefers into your message.

Recently, my conversation went like this when trying to type "Glad you made it safe."

Glad you made the sale. 
What sale? 
Safes are on sale?  Did you buy one? 
No, not sale safe! 
So, there was no sale on safes.  Did u buy one anyway? 
No, no!  No sale.  No safe! 
What safe. 
Glad you made the sale. 
What sale? 
Damdamdamdam not against. 
You're against sales?  Make no sense. 
Forget it. 
Good.  We probably don't need a safe, anyway.

Finally, in exasperation I typed "ayayayayaya" and the word suggested was "autocorrect."

At least I didn't have a wreck on the freeway doing all this and got home sale and sound.

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