Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Fabienne and the Autumn Leaves

Fabienne had a problem.

It was autumn and the leaves had fallen from all the trees into her yard.

Fabienne's yard was full of leaves.

Fabienne called her friend, Mr. Fox.  "Hello, Mr. Fox, could you help me rake all these leaves?"

Mr. Fox said, "No, Fabienne, I have all my leaves to rake."

Fabienne called her friend, Mr. Mole.   "Hello, Mr. Mole, could you help me rake these leaves?"

Mr. Mole said, "No, Fabienne, I have tunnels to dig.   I can't take the time to rake leaves."

Fabienne went back to her house and thought and thought and finally thought that she would have to rake all the leaves herself.

Fabienne got her rake and went to her yard to do her work.

But, to her great surprise, all the leaves were raked into neat piles.  Her friends the crows had heard of her request and decided to help Fabienne.  All of the leaves were in nice, big piles.

"Go ahead," the crows told Fabienne, "jump into the leaves!"

And that's exactly what Fabienne did!

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