Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Fabienne and the Swing

Fabienne's favorite place in the whole wide world is the playground.  The playground is full of fun stuff to do and all her magical friends go there, too.

One day Fabienne climbed into the swing but there was nobody to push her.  Fabienne sat and sat, not moving at all.

"I wish I could swing," Fabienne said aloud to herself.

"My pleasure," came a voice and the swing started to rock back and forth.

Overjoyed, Fabienne shouted, "Higher!"  And the swing obliged, swinging Fabienne higher and higher.

Fabienne then said, "I wish I could swing high enough to the Moon!"

And Swing said, "As you wish, my princess."

Before Fabienne knew it she was swinging higher and higher.  She looked down and the playground had become very small and very far away.

Higher and higher she went until she could see the stars against a black sky.

Higher and higher she went until she could see the Moon getting closer and closer.  Before she knew it, the Moon was right there!

"Hello, Fabienne," said the Moon, "I'm very happy that you came to visit me.  Would you like some tea?"

Fabienne said, "Yes, Moon, I'd love some tea."

Swing landed Fabienne on the Moon and there was a little table set for three:  Fabienne, Moon and Swing.

It was the best tea party ever, but Fabienne finally announced that she had to go before her mother became worried or she missed dinner.

Everybody said their good-byes and Swing took Fabienne back to the playground.

Fabienne ran back to her house where she told her mother, "I had tea on the Moon!"

Puzzled, Fabienne's mother looked at her, smiled and said, "Well, that's nice.  Go wash up, it's time for dinner."

As Fabienne walked out of the kitchen her mother noticed something on the floor.

"Fabienne," mother asked, "what's that on your shoes."

"Oh, just moon dust," Fabienne answered and ran off to get ready for dinner before her mother could ask another question.

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