Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fabienne Meets Mr. Brown Bear

Knock, knock!

"Who's there?" asked Fabienne.

"Brown Bear."

"Brown Bear who?"

"Brown Bear is here for tea and honey!"

Tea and honey, thought Fabienne, that sounds like a wonderful idea.

Fabienne opened the door and there was Mr. Brown Bear.

Mr. Brown Bear was a large sort of bear and very soft and huggable.  His fur was deep brown in color and shaggy to the touch.

Mr. Brown Bear looked as if he could use some tea and honey,  so Fabienne invited him inside and ran to gather all her friends for a party.

Once everybody was settled and introduced Fabienne asked Mr. Brown Bear to tell her and her friends a little about himself.

"Well," Mr. Brown Bear started, "I come a great distance from here.  I live in the Land of Sugar far, far away over the ocean.  My friends are cowboys and alligators!

Fabienne was surprised, "Cowboys and alligators! Oh, my!"

"Yes," said Mr. Brown Bear, "and everybody is friends.  Even the alligators."

"You must be very tired after you travel," said Fabienne.  "Perhaps you'd like to stay her for a while and see the sights in my neighborhood.  We have a park and puddles and leaves to rake."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," said Mr. Bear yawning.  And without any warning at all, Mr. Brown Bear fell fast asleep.

"Well, what do you think of that?" Fabienne asked her friends.

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