Thursday, November 05, 2015

Fabienne and Mr. Turtle

Fabienne went to Mr. Turtle's house to play but Mr. Turtle was asleep in his shell.

"Perhaps Mr. Turtle is not sleeping and would like to play with me.  I'll knock on his shell.

Knock!  Knock!

"Who's there?" Mr. Turtle replied sleepily.

"Apple," said Fabienne.

"Apple who?" inquired Mr. Turtle, sounding a bit more awake.

Knock!  Knock!

"Who's there?" Mr. Turtle replied, fully awake now.

"Apple," said Fabienne.

"Apple who?" inquired Mr. Turtle, sounding just a bit annoyed.

Knock!  Knock!

"Who's there?" Mr. Turtle shouted.

"Orange," said Fabienne.

"Orange who?" sighed Mr. Turtle, wishing the joke was over.

"Orange you glad I didn't say apple? and Fabienne squealed with delight.

Mr. Turtle then said, "You'll have to try harder than that if you want me to play with you, Fabienne."

Fabienne thought and thought and finally she said:

"Klopf.  Klopf."

"Wer ist da? answered Mr. Turtle.

"Hans," said Fabienne.

"Hans wer?" answered Mr. Turtle.


Suddenly laughter filled the room and it was coming out of Mr. Turtle's shell.  Mr. Turtle jumped up, ran to the door and called back to Fabienne, "Well, are you coming to play?"

And Fabienne did just that.

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