Friday, November 06, 2015

Fabienne Saves Grover

It was a dark and stormy night.  The clouds swept through the sky like waves on a restless sea, all black and grey with flashes of white when lightning arced across the sky.

It was not raining at Fabienne's house but the trees were swaying back and forth in the wind as if trying to send the storm away.

Fabienne went to her room to find Grover.  Grover wasn't afraid of the storm.  Grover is a good friend to have during a storm.

Fabienne looked on her bed for Grover.  Grover was not on the bed.

Fabienne looked in her princess castle for Grover.  Grover was not in the castle.

Finally, Fabienne looked in her closet for Grover.  Grover was not in the closet.

Puzzled, Fabienne sat on the floor of her room and thought and thought.

"Where was Grover?" she thought.

Suddenly she remembered!  She and Grover had been playing outside just before the storm came.

"Oh, my goodness," Fabienne exclaimed, "Grover must still be outside!  In the storm.  I must rescue Grover!"

But just as Fabienne stood up it suddenly got dark.  Very dark.  Very, very dark.  

The power had gone out, the lights had gone out and Fabienne's entire neighborhood was plunged into darkness.  The only light came from the angry flashes of lightning outside.

"What am I going to do?" Fabienne cried, "I must save Grover!"

Then Fabienne remembered her special candle.  Yes, her storm candle.  The candle to use when the lights go out and everything is dark, but the candle will provide light.

Fabienne kept her candle in a safe place and she quickly found it.

Fabienne ran to Mother with the candle.

"Mother, we must put a candle in the window so Grover can find his way home."

And that's exactly what they did.  They put the candle in the window by the back door.  Fabienne watched the candle burn and burn and burn.  After a while Fabienne got sleepy, then sleepier and finally sleepiest ... sleepiest ... oh, so sleepiester ... snorrrrrrrrrre.

Fabienne woke suddenly to the sound of a bird chirping.  It was morning and the sun was bright.  The storm was over and the candle had burned down.

Fabienne got up hurriedly and opened the door.  To her surprise, delight and great relief was Grover.  Grover had found his way to the house in the storm by following the candle in the window.

Grover said in his special excited, "I am so happy to see you.  I will do my happy dance and sing 'Granada.'"  Grover cleared his voice, put on his Spanish hat and started to sing,


It was a wonderful day after all.

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