Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Fabienne and the First Snow

It was bright and sunny outside and very quiet.  No birds were singing.  No dogs were barking.  No cars were moving in the street.

Curious, Fabienne got out of bed and looked out her window.  What she saw was amazing.  Mr. Bear was looking, too.

Overnight, very quietly and without a sound that would wake a mouse - it had snowed.

Snow, glorious snow!  Everywhere was snow.  The ground was white and glistening.  The playground was deep with snow and there was snow on the swings and slide.  Even the trees were covered in snow.

"Come," said Fabienne, "let's find Mr. Rabbit and go play."  They ran down the hall to find Mr. Rabbit.

"We're going to play in the snow, Mr. Rabbit," Fabienne said, "will you come with us?"

"Oh, dear," said Mr. Rabbit mournfully, "I don't think so.  I can't find my scarf.  I had it yesterday by the swings and I think it's buried in the snow.  I'll never find it."

Fabienne said, "I have an idea.  Give Mr. Bear your sweater to smell.  With his great nose we might be able to sniff out your scarf under all the snow."

Mr. Rabbit scampered off and returned with his sweater.  Mr. Bear gave it a deep and long sniff then ran outside to the playground.

As Fabienne and Mr. Rabbit watched out the window, Mr. Bear snuffled around the slide, then the swings before he began to dig furiously in the snow.  I no time at all Mr. Bear found Mr. Rabbit's scarf and came running back to the house.

"Oh, how can I ever thank you, Fabienne," said Mr. Rabbit, "now I can go play in the snow!"

"Don't thank me," Fabienne, "it was Mr. Bears fantastic nose that found your scarf!"

The three friends then went outside to throw snowballs and make a snowman.  After they were cold and tired they came back into the house and Mama made hot chocolate for all.

It was a wonderful day in the snow.

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