Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fabienne's Rock Band

Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Bear showed up at Fabienne's door at the appointed hour.

"Please, come in," said Fabienne.

Fabienne stood up and announced, "I'm starting a rock band and I need musicians."

Mr. Bear looked at Mr. Rabbit, and Mr. Rabbit looked at Mr. Bear - bewildered.

Mr. Bear said, "But we don't know how to play any instruments.  I can smell good music and Mr. Rabbit can see good music but neither of us can play good music."

"Well," said Fabienne, "you're just going to have to learn."  And with that she handed Mr. Bear a guitar and Mr. Rabbit some drums.

"Don't worry, my friends," said Fabienne, "have some confidence and trust your ability and it will happen."

For several weeks the trio practiced and surprising to all started to sound like a band!

"I think we are ready for our concert," Fabienne announced.

The notices went out and all the animals and dolls attended the first concert of the Fabienne Trio.

Fabienne, Mr. Bear and Mr. Rabbit played their instruments, sang and danced.

Everybody had a wonderful time.

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