Monday, November 02, 2015

Fabienne and Halloween

Fabienne was having tea with Mr. Turtle.

"Fabienne," Mr. Turtle said, "what is this Halloween thing."

"Well," said Fabienne in a very knowledgeable voice, "Halloween is the one night in the year when children dress up and go around to their neighbors asking for candy.  It's a very good idea!"

"Hmmm, said Mr. Turtle, "why would people give candy to children?"

Fabienne thought about this for a long time and finally said, "It's about respect. It's about appreciation for our children.  It's about love."

Mr. Turtle said, "I think candy is a good idea."

Fabienne grabbed Mr. Turtle's hand and said, "So do I!"

Then Fabienne and Mr. Turtle had tea and cakes, and a wonderful time together.

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