Friday, November 13, 2015

Fabienne and the Purple Cow

Fabienne was not having a good day.  Rather than playing with her friends she was shopping at the market.  Shopping at the market is usually fun, but today Fabienne had other plans and so shopping was not so fun.

Then she saw the purple cow.

"I've never seen a purple cow before," Fabienne said to herself, "I must look at it more closely."

Fabienne walked up to the purple cow and said aloud, "I've never seen a purple cow before."

The purple cow replied, "A purple cow with an itchy nose."

"You can talk," exclaimed Fabienne.

"Of course I can talk," replied the purple cow, "and my nose still itches."

"Maybe I could  scratch it for you," said Fabienne, and she reached up, but the cow was too tall.  Fabienne stood on her tippy tippy tip-toes and stretched and stretched but she still couldn't reach the purple cow's itchy nose.

Looking around she saw an empty shopping cart and had an idea.  Climbing into the cart and wheeling herself close to the purple cow, if only she could reach far enough ... just a little more.

At last she reached the cow's itchy nose and gave it a good scratch.

The purple cow let out a satisfied, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that feels good."

Just then Mama showed up and said, "Fabienne!  What are you doing?"

Fabienne replied, "Mama, the purple cow told me her nose itched and I scratched it for her.  She's very happy now."

Then, remembering her manners, she said, "Purple cow, this is Mama."

The purple cow stood there and said nothing.

"You can say hello to Mama," Fabienne told the purple cow but the cow said nothing.

Mama then said, "I don't think that purple cows can talk.  Come on, Fabienne, we have shopping to do," and she started to walk away with Fabienne in tow.

After a few steps Fabienne turned around, looked at the purple cow.  The purple cow looked a Fabienne, cocked her head slightly and winked.  Fabienne smiled, waved and decided it was going to be a very good day after all.

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