Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fabienne and the Puppy Dog Look

Stella walked into Fabienne's room and put her head on Fabienne's bed.

Fabienne looked at Stella and told her the rule, "You're not allowed on my bed, Stella.  That's the rule."

Stella insisted by giving out a little whine and whimper.

"Sorry, Stella," Fabienne said, "whining and whimpering won't change my mind."

Stella thought for a moment, turned to Fabienne and gave her the Puppy Dog Look.

Fabienne was shocked!  "No, Stella, not the Puppy Dog Look!" she said.

It was too late.  "OK," Fabienne said, "hop up on the bed and keep me company."

Stella very happily hopped up on the bed and lay down beside Fabienne.

A short while later Mama came into the room and looked at Stella on the bed disapprovingly.

"Stella is not allowed on the bed, Fabienne," Mama said.

"But, Mama, it's Stella!" Fabienne pleaded.

"Sorry, my mind is made up, Fabienne, no dogs on the bed."

Fabienne looked at Stella.  Stella looked at Fabienne.  They winked at each other, turned to Mama and gave her the Puppy Dog Look.

"Oh, my!" Mama exclaimed, "not the Puppy Dog Look!  Nobody can defend against the Puppy Dog Look."

Then Mama said, "OK, Stella can stay on the bed.  But only this time!"

Stella and Fabienne laughed and laughed and laughed because they knew the Puppy Dog Look would happen again and again.

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