Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fabienne and the Perfect Pizza

It was Pizza Night!

Fabienne loved pizza night because there's nothing better than making your own pizza.  Well, one thing better is eating your own pizza!

Fabienne's friends were visiting and they were looking forward to pizza, too.

"I can't wait to eat a cheese pizza!" said one friend.

"I can't wait to eat a sausage pizza!" said another friend.

"I can't wait to eat a corn pizza!" said the third friend.

"I can't wait to eat a mushroom pizza!" said Fabienne.

Unfortunately, there was only enough time to make one pizza.  Which one would they make?

"Everybody loves cheese pizza," said the first friend, "let's do cheese."

"Cheese is boring," said the other friend, "I vote for sausage."

"Sausage is boring," said another friend, "we should have corn."

And so it went, each person arguing that their favorite pizza was the best.

Fabienne thought and thought and finally said, "Wait, I have an idea.  Everybody come here and listen to my idea."

The friends all huddled around Fabienne and soon there was agreement and laughter.

Fabienne then ordered the perfect pizza.  "This part will be cheese, this part will be sausage, this part will be mushroom and this part will be corn."

Everybody got the pizza they wanted and everybody went home happy (and full of pizza)!

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